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Arriving 1894 Brooks 4-8-0 Bundle!

Just over a month later, we're here again to let you know that our next release is coming:

With the launch of this wonderful and colorful locomotive, our Dom Pedro II Railroad project comes to an end. Anything and anything new related to this project will only be improvements for everything we've done, this goes for the route and for the rolling stock available here. It is also interesting to mention the fact that all these locomotives that came to Brazil belong to an original design of your factory (which in most cases are all american).

This project started more than a year ago with the 1895 Baldwin Decapod Pack Locomotive + Freight Cars. Unfortunately we lost all files for this project in a power outage that resulted in the death of one of our hard drives, right where this project was. That's why we don't have an 1895 Baldwin Decapod in a typical American exclusive setup. After this event, our care needed to be doubled and now we are launching our latest machine from the Dom Pedro II project together with two (at the moment) american units!

One year since we released our first machine officially under the title Machine Rail, and 2 years since the creation of our studio; we always seek to improve the quality of our products. Everything you see in these new Mastodons in your Train Simulator, every detail has been thought through and tested over and over again until it is pleasing to the eyes, ears and feelings. We have prepared a simple simulation, without complications as this is not our focus, we want you to enjoy the best your eyes can see and your ears can hear. But as you take control of this machine, you'll be aware that it's a great 4-8-0 built by Brooks, and that all of its operational and dynamic characteristics have been extracted from its original datasheet and fed into Train Simulator.

We hope you enjoy this new release! Unfortunately, our projects were delayed by about two full months. December was scheduled by our team to release Sierra No.3 and Eureka No.4, this Mastodon would have been released between October and November... But let's catch up! Check out our gallery below, and we'll be back in the next few days with the release of the 1894 Brooks 4-8-0 Bundle.

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