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  • This model was designed and built exclusively for the Dovetail Games Train Sim. Tested and approved in Train Simulator Classic.


    Before operating this model in your Train Simulator, you need to understand how TS handles this. Therefore, carefully read the Instruction Manual to know more about the model and operate it correctly.


    •Approximate model download size: 650MB


    All consumer information is included in the .ZIP file. Please read carefully BEFORE installing this product on your Train Simulator. We are not responsible for misuse.


    • Developed with the support of Caledonia Works

    WM H-9 Class Fireball Weathered v.1

    • •Dynamic Numbering from #801 to #840 (loco & tender)

      •Original Blueprint Specs

      •Aging Inspired by H-9 Footage

      •Damaged Whistle Sound and Squeak

      •External and Internal Animations

      •Realistic H-9 Steam, Water and Fire Consumption

      •Authentic all Machine and Road Sounds

      •All Working Internal and External Lights

      All other functions and features of the H-9 you will find in its manual

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