We can finally release to you the dirty or weathered version of the Western Maryland H-9. I apologize on behalf of Machine Rail for the delay, but I got sick last weekend, and I'm still recovering, but much better than before.

However, this version of the H-9 not only features dirty clothes, but you will notice other different characteristics, such as a damaged whistle sound and a slightly inferior performance compared to the others.

Watch the video, and good driving with your grimy H-9!



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We are announcing an update for all those who already own the "Fireball" and "Original" products of the Western Maryland H-9 for Train Simulator Classic!

Check out what was changed below:

•Improved chuff sounds up to max. speed (40mp/h).

•Dynamic numbers are individual (you change manually in the loco and tender in the Editor)

•Head Out cameras readjusted in better position for driver and fireman.

•The steam air compressor can be operated through the valve in the cabin.

•Improved steam production and burn rate

•The names have been shortened for better viewing in Quick Drive mode and Editor.

•All keyboard shortcut animations have been smoothed, such as doors and windows.

•The WM H-9 "Original" does not turn on class lights. This is not a bug, it was made not to be lit.

You can now download the update for your respective Western Maryland H-9: "Fireball" or "Original". If you have both, download both files. Installation is done normally, if asked to replace files, check replace all files.

DOWNLOAD: Western Maryland H-9 Fireball Update

DOWNLOAD: Western Maryland H-9 Original Update

For those who still don't own any of our WM H-9's, they are already updated in our store after this post. Therefore, you will receive it already updated.

1921 Baldwin Locomotive Works - Western Maryland H-9 Class "Fireball"

1921 Baldwin Locomotive Works - Western Maryland H-9 Class "Original"

(coming soon)

1921 Baldwin Locomotive Works - Western Maryland H-9 Class "Weathered Fireball"

Later this week we will have more news.


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The "1921 Baldwin H-9 Class Original" available now for Train Simulator Classic!

For those who want to get a version of the WM H-9 Class in its original factory form, this is a good opportunity! The main differences between this model and the Modified version are clearly the visual details, and the whistle sound; as this one uses an original BLW whistle for Western Maryland Railway.


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