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future Projects and Commissions

the sequence shown here does not mean that they will be done in this order, only commissions.


Baldwin • Baltimore & Ohio • Class S-1                               Current Progress:  On Hold                  2D drawing to start

Baldwin • Denver & Rio Grande • Class K-36                     Current Progress:  On Hold                  2D drawing to start
Baldwin • Western Maryland • Class I-2                              Current Progress:  In Progress            3D model to be finished
Baldwin • Baltimore & Ohio • Class P-7                               Current Progress:  On Hold                 2D drawing to be finished
Baldwin • Eureka & Palisade • Class 8/18-C                        Current Progress:  On Hold                 3D model to be started
Schenectady • Rio Grande Southern • Class T-19               Current Progress:  On Hold                2D drawing to be finished


Lima • Pere Marquette • Class N-1               
COMMISSIONED           Current Progress: Being Forged • 3D tender mesh in progress
Baldwin • FRISCO Lines • Class T-54          
COMMISSIONED           Current Progress: Being Forged • exporting in progress

All commissions have priority to be built. 
The order in which commissions are served follows from top to bottom.

We are currently occluded for new commissions, until the current ones are finalized. Thank you for your understanding.

Latest Update: December 07th, 2023

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