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Paid Content Policy

All content that is presented on this website is the property of Machine Rail. No distribution or hosting of content is permitted for any Paid product purchased from Machine Rail. Modifications are permitted ONLY for personal use! You will receive a direct download of the product after payment confirmation, this can take up to 24 hours.

Refund Policy

All site sales are final products! Machine Rail is not responsible for any misappropriated funds, misuse of products, installation failure or lost files. No refunds will be issued for any product purchased once DOWNLOAD is initiated. Always be very careful when purchasing these products, as they are digital, you may lose or corrupt them on your HDD. Keep your backup up to date.

Product Installation

1. Download the file included in the order confirmation email or your account downloads.
2. CAREFULLY read the .PDF manual file that comes with our products so that you can use them on your TS Classic in the manner recommended by Machine Rail.

3. Extract the .rwp file and run your Train Simulator Utilities.
4. Select the "Package Manager" tab, click "Refresh" then "Install" and select the .rwp file.


Open the .rwp file and extract the Assets folder directly to your Railworks DTG Train Simulator installation directory and replace all files if requested.

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