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This project emerged as a small collaboration of 4 enthusiastic members of the world of trains and railroads, Carlos, Jonas, Fernando and Murilo, who together develop and create locomotives, wagons, scenarios for routes and in some cases even routes for the DTG Train Simulator Classic. Since the creation of the group in 2010, with members Fernando and Carlos, the projects have been developing more and more, when in 2013, besides Murilo, other friends also began to collaborate with the projects, such as Jonas; which made us develop a group of reliable friends.

Machine Rail was officially founded in 2019 by Carlos with the collaboration of Jonas, together they create from scratch the most beautiful and unusual steam locomotives for Train Simulator Classic. With Carlos help, Fernando was able to pursue his separate career and today he develops the most coveted diesel locomotives for Train Simulator Classic and thus, Diesel Workshop was born.

Although we are all Brazilians, we decided to create a quality product for our friends from other parts of the world; it may seem incredible, but people all over the world admire the Brazilian railroad of the past, unfortunately nowadays it is a bit dull, just like some Brazilians. Our quality and production policy to create our products comes from long years of research about locomotives and trains from the past, and not only from Brazil.

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