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1883 Cooke L.Works - Consolidations

Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad, Colorado & Southern and Denver, Leadville & Gunnison, has never been so well honored in a train simulator. With this new DLC for your 2021+ train simulator, you will be able to explore every detail of the new freight train locomotive, operate all of its basic functions, and extract the performance from this machine as your train travels along the Clear Creek Narrow Gauge Route lines.

The Machine History

Twenty types of Cooke 2-8-0 consolidations were delivered to DSP&P between June and November 1883. The first nine were numbered to fill the gap created when the older Baldwin 2-8-0 were numbered DSP&P 50 to 57 in 1880. The other eleven Cooke 2-8-0s were then numbered from DSP&P 58 to 68. They became a continuous group from #198 to 217 in the 1885 renumbering scheme and later C&S 37 to 56 in 1899. They had 36" motor-drivers and 15x18" cylinders. Most were scrapped or sold to lumber companies during the first 20 years of the C&S era.

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