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1890 H.K. Porter Company - Loco's

Right now we are working on finalizing another great Machine Rail release for Train Simulator 2021/2022 (or higher) ! For some months now, we have been working on single narrow gauge locomotives that would be useful on some existing route like the Clear Creek Narrow Gauge Route. So we released the two bundles of Cooke Moguls and Consolidations, but already thinking about the need for a smaller locomotive for shunting, or for logging services or something like that; so soon we will be releasing the Porter bundle , or "The Porter Legacy".

What's Coming?

In this new bundle you will receive six units of Porter 0-4-0ST and 0-4-2ST locomotives, each of them with their own characteristics and variations; in the picture above you see only four of them, the other two are still in our workshop receiving their final adjustments. These nice little locomotives have their own road number and a name, which we will reveal in the next release post.

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