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1894 Brooks - Mastodon's Bundle

Finally, we are extremely pleased to announce another Machine Rail ™ release for your DTG Train Simulator and the last one this year 2021! This time, you'll take control of a powerful and massive 4-8-0 "Mastodon" made by Brooks in the late 19th century. Put it to the test and challenges to pull your heavy freight trains!

The Machine History

The 1890s brought another period of depressed sales following another financial crisis. The company produced 226 new locomotives in 1891, but only 90 new locomotives in 1894, among them, the great 4-8-0. The company briefly gained some positive publicity in 1895 when one of its locomotives held the land speed record for rail vehicles; a Brooks-built locomotive was driven at 92.3 mph (149 km/h) on the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway on October 24, 1895.[1][6] Brooks also gained positive publicity for building some exceptionally large locomotives at the end of the 19th century, including locomotives for both Great Northern Railway and Illinois Central Railroad that were hailed as being the largest in the world.

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Dear Machine Rail, bought the Mastadon yesterday, well, just when she was released and I must admit, wow I am amazed by this locomotive, by far one of the best available. You really mastered this one very well, I love her.

Gefällt mir
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