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2023 - Machine Rail's Project Queue

Updated: May 15, 2023

The first three days of 2023 are already gone, and we are enjoying our last days of recess before getting back to full steam at work.

We are also taking advantage of this recess time to update you on the major Machine Rail steam locomotive projects coming to Train Simulator Classic this year and ahead. We are very thankful and happy to say that we have received a lot of trust from our customers to the point of requesting commissions from us.

Commissions Queue:

Check out below all the accepted commissions that will go into production this year. The production sequence will be as follows, as shown below:

- 1923 Lima • Illinois Central • Mikado Series:

- 1937 Lima • Pere Marquette • N-1 Class:

- 1923 Baldwin • FRISCO Lines • T-54 Class:

This is the production sequence for the MR commissions for 2023. After all of them are completed, we will be open to accepting new commissions; but it is important to remember that the completion time for each project between start and completion takes about 2-4 months, maybe less or more than that.

Work on these commissions begin on January 9; therefore, we will probably be working on the last one which will be the FRISCO T-54 Class by the second half of 2023. I emphasize again, this is just a stipulation and may take more or less time than that.

Non-Commissions Queue:

Check out all the non-commissioned projects below that are in constant development in 2023. The team has been working on them on their own time; therefore, these are projects that we cannot set a deadline for completion of each, but just follow our updates to see some progress.

1921 Baldwin • Baltimore & Ohio • S-1 Class:

1925 Baldwin • Denver & Rio Grande • K-36 Class:

1927 Baldwin • Western Maryland • I-2 Class:

1927 Baldwin • Baltimore & Ohio • P-7 Class:

1875 Baldwin • Eureka & Palisade • 8/18-C Class:

I also want everyone to know that all machines in this queue are available for commission; this way we can prioritize the one that has been commissioned by reducing their waiting time in the queue. To learn more about commissions, contact us, we will be delighted to assist you.

We hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve, God bless you all with much health, peace, love, and prosperity.

In the coming weeks we will be back with more updates here on our Blog and also on our Facebook Page.


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