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Pere Marquette N-1 Class Under Build

Check out our latest update on the progress of the commissioned Pere Marquette N-1 Class!

This is our last commission work for the last 2 years, he joined the waiting list until his turn finally arrived. Finally, we are proud to announce that all external and internal 3D mesh modeling progress is practically complete (I would say 99%).

The last locomotive projects that we had the pleasure of getting our hands on, proved to be an enormous challenge mainly due to the complexity of their unique characteristics, such as the last machines we launched (the ICRR 1500 class Mikados and the FRISCO T-54 Mountains).

The N-1 class Berkshires of Pere Marquette's was no different, but it went beyond all that... Each locomotive builders turer has its unique complexities, whether visual or mechanical and we could feel this in every detail built and added to the Lima 2- 8-4's.

We worked for hours upon hours modeling this locomotive to ensure the best visual experience for a TSC player. Yes, this model is complex and highly detailed, so we will work with LODs technology to ensure acceptable performance during the simulation (for example, so that a Double-Header simulation is possible without obtaining a very sharp drop in FPS).

Therefore, if you still have a computer with a very outdated graphics card and processor, you will certainly experience a drop in FPS.

Many interesting details have also been added to the cabin interior. Now all we can do is continue working many hours creating textures, animations, exports, scripts, sounds and more.

In the last few weeks we have also been focused on the N-1 tender, and we finally have it completely completed at TSC!

The next step is to have the machine also completed in the game and then we will be back with another update for you, and certainly with a scheduled release date! We were excited about a possible launch at the end of June, but other unforeseen events occurred outside of the PC, and this is naturally part of our lives.

What matters is that everything is going according to plan.

We will be back soon, thank you everyone!


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Is Pere Marquette N1 Class #1225 going to be ready for release very soon?

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