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Small Update for ICRR Lima Mikados

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

check out the improvements and fixes present in this update

If you already have the "ICRR 1923 Lima Mikados & Freight Fleet" package installed on your Train Simulator Classic, just download and install this update as usual. If you don't already own this package, the product is already updated in our store.

What has been updated?

•Fixed the gap between the smoke box cover

•Improved the pivot of the driving axles

•Fixed tender fuel volume (coal and water) in HUD F4

•Fixed tender water level from 13.0 to 13000 gallons (update B)

•Improved the transition of chuff sounds at low speed

This is a small but very important update to make this locomotive even more confident to operate.

Click on the link below to download the update, via Drive:

Update A- Download via GoogleDrive - MR ICRR 1923 Lima Mikados Update

Update B- Download via GoogleDrive - ICRR Mikados Water Tender Update

We appreciate everyone's feedback, and we hope to make your experience with our products even better.


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9 commentaires


Update B does not fix the 13 gallon tender water level issue. I have installed via package manager, and manually extracted and overwritten the assets folder with it but the loco still only has 13 gallons to start.

En réponse à

Nevermind, I must have missclicked the second link and it gave me patch A again.


04 sept. 2023

How can I correct the 13 gallon issue? Will you release a patch that will correct this problem?


15 juil. 2023

Having the 13 gallons issue too.

En réponse à

I managed to update the one locomotive 13 gallons with Rwtools but second one still have the problem. In the update above it is set on 12.9 gallons of water too. The setting is not on the tender but on the locomotives. I changed mine to 22000 gallons and it work but still need to edit the second one


The smoke particles seems broken for me, like cubes. Pressing the e key for the lights will cut the frame rate from average 40fps to the minimum 14fps.

but overall a very impressive model again!

greetings From Germany


Chad Smith
Chad Smith
09 juil. 2023

Having the same issue, only 13 gallons on both the Modified and as delivered locomotive.

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