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UPDATE REQUEST! Open Side Autorack

We are very sorry about what has happened in the last 12 hours since the release of the Open Side Autoracks Bi-Level & Tri-Level package.

We received dozens of direct messages regarding this product and its high level of detail, which is often insignificant. Therefore, we are carefully reworking this package to have a re-release very soon; We thought it would be appropriate to apply some of our knowledge in locomotives to freight wagons, but it became very clear that it was not appropriate! Check out the changes:

LOD (Level of Detail)

*All LODs for vehicle models and the Bi-Level & Tri-Level freight wagon itself are being completely revised and better adjusted. Smaller details will only be seen from a certain distance much closer to your camera.


*At first it looked good, but now we see that it can be improved. So all the textures of the Bi-Level & Tri-Level freight cars are being remade from scratch with new mapping. There were previously four 2K textures for your details, now we work with just one 4K texture.


*We always like to respect real references during our projects, looking at photographs or videography from the time or even reports. Unfortunately this will not be possible with this freight car package. Most of the time, Tri-Levels are loaded with up to 15 vehicles (5 in each level). For TSC processing, this initially seemed to work, but in reality it didn't. That's why we are reducing the number of vehicles in the wagons (in the “Loaded” version we will have a maximum of 4 vehicles per level). This will have a good impact on reducing polygons generated in the foreground.


Wait until this update is released, then you can contact us for a request via Chat here on the website. We will be happy to prioritize this Update for you.

Once again, on behalf of everyone involved in this project and a sincere apology to our friends and customers, we are very sorry for what happened and for our lack of full attention.

We will have the update arriving in the next few hours.


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