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  • This pack was designed and built exclusively for Train Simulator Classic.​​


    No manual, easy and practical installation using RW Utilities, or if you have more experience; extract the .RWP file and place the "Assets" folder in the directory: Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks


    To find them in the game, go to Quick Drive and create a Custom consist, or open a route in the editor and look for the Modifier List "Machine Rail" > "Unusual Freight Cars".


    Approximate Product Download size: 375MB


    In this first pack of Unusual Freight Cars, you'll find 14 different units of the 4-Axle Depressed Flat Car type: 7 military variations and 7 standard variations.


    Military Variations:
    1. As Built
    2. Military Tank
    3. Military Fuel Tank
    4. Military Bomb
    5. Military Covered Bomb
    6. Military Jeeps
    7. Military Canon


    Standard Variations:
    1. As Built
    2. Ship Boiler
    3. Ship Propeller
    4. Ship Engine
    5. Porter
    6. Oil Tank
    7. Transformator


    As Scenery Objects:

    1. Willys Jeep
    2. Military Bomb

    3. Sherman Tank

    4.Military Canon

    5. Propeller

    6. Transformator

    7. Boiler

    8.Diesel Engine


    4-Axle Depressed Flat Cars Pack

    • •4-Axle Depressed Flat Cars "TPRX" built with reference to the 1930s

      • Two colors and four different livery variations:
      1. Standard Red As Built
      2. Weathered Standard Red
      3. Military Green As Built
      4. Weathered Military Green

      ​•Automatic dynamic numbers 2100-2219

      ​•Custom sounds

      •Realistic Physics

      •Weight, size, pivots and adhesion adjusted to real values