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Since we released the Cooke Moguls bundle, we have been working on some improvements to the models and have now completed them. Visually, you will notice a big improvement in the writing on the tender of the four units offered in this bundle; that the rivets are now no longer black where the writing is. We have also added two aesthetic embellishments: a beautiful pair of oil lanterns, and two beautiful flags on their masts above the pilot.

List of Improvements:

•Improved the writing on the tenders to overlap the rivets

•Added oil lanterns in front of the smoke box (press Y to show them)

•Added two flags on the masts above the pilot, one from the United States and one from Colorado (press Y in sequence to show).

•Improved the volume of the bell sound

•Adjusted the timing of the pistons

•Improved the moving piston sounds

•Removed bug in the "chuff" sound of the cylinders when the regulator was closed

•Improved texture of headlights

If you already have the Cooke Moguls package, simply download the file below and install the .rwp file using the TS Utilities or simply drag and drop the "Assets" folder into your Train Simulator directory. Replace all the files. If you haven't purchased them yet, don't worry; they have also been updated in our store and you will receive the updated bundle.

MR Upgrade for Cooke Moguls Bundle
Download ZIP • 525.79MB

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A screenshot straight from the factory:

Yes, this is the original Cooke Mogul base, and with some modifications we were able to recreate the Consolidation of the same design, introduced to Cooke in 1883 and delivered to DSP&P. A total of 20 Consolidation units were built between June and September 1883; and we particularly selected 4 units to represent in Train Simulator, containing basic differences and unique features, as was done on the Cooke Moguls.

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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad has never been so well honored in a train simulator. With this new DLC for your Train Simulator 2021+, you will be able to explore every detail of the locomotive, operate all of its basic functions, and extract performance from this machine as your train travels along the Clear Creek Narrow Gauge Route lines.

The Machine History

In the distant year of 1884, DSP&P purchased eight 2-6-0 Moguls from Cooke Locomotive Works. They were numbered 39, 40, and 69 through 74. These became #109 through 116 in 1885 and became C&S #4 through 11 in 1899. These locomotives augmented the nine Brooks 2-6-0's acquired in 1882.

DSP&P #74 was the last locomotive purchased by DSP&P. The gap in the number series was caused two orders for 2-8-0 Consolidations from Cooke and Baldwin. The Cooke Moguls had 40" drivers and 14.5x18" cylinders, so were a little snappier on the flat than the Brooks models with 38" drivers.

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