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1891 Rogers: The Sierra #3 Being Built

The Sierra no.3 project for DTG's Train Simulator started almost 6 months ago when we took a vote and it won! We had almost no precise technical information about this machine, so we could start its 3D construction. With the help of some colleagues, and a lot of attention to detail, we were able to create a base technical drawing of the locomotive ourselves, with technical information available on the internet, and once again, with the illustrious presence of information from colleagues that were kindly provided to us.

Now finally, the machine is being forged, with the greatest possible attention to its details and of course, within the confines of a 3D mesh and that Train Simulator 2022 encryption is supportable.

At first we thought it would be easy to recreate all of its painting variations that Sirra #3 had throughout her life, but we found that to be next to impossible; so yes, we will have these variations, the most striking ones perhaps, but not all.

You can also look forward to an original version of the 1891 locomotive, and probably a current version after its major overhaul. Weekly, or every 15 days we are updating our Facebook page with news about the project, stay tuned.

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