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1890 H.K. Porter - The Porter Legacy

Finally, we are extremely pleased to announce another Machine Rail™ release for your DTG Train Simulator! With the arrival and success of our Cooke's Moguls & Consolidations as a complement to the "Clear Creek" narrow gauge route; we felt the need to also build our own machine for small services, and one that will also be useful on this and other routes.

The Machine History

H.K. Porter, Inc. (Porter) manufactured light-duty railroad locomotives in the US, starting in 1866. The company became the largest producer of industrial locomotives, and built almost eight thousand of them. The last locomotive was built in 1950, but the company continues to produce industrial equipment to this day. Porter was known for building locomotives that were much smaller than those normally used by the larger Class I railroads. The company's locomotives were small enough that they were often operated by only one person.

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