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Available Now GREAT UPDATE!

Check out the list below of all the machines that are part of this major update, from which they received changes or improvements:

List of Machines and Upgrades:

MR Henschel & Sohn "Tentugal" Pack

  • corrected coupler problem

  • improved sounds

  • improved steam production

  • transfer to new provider and product (from old GNFO to MR)

MR L. Schwartzkopff Mikado"505" Pack

  • corrected locomotive and tender headlight

  • Improved the animation speed of the driving wheels

  • transfer to new provider and product (from old GNFO to MR)

MR Baldwin 24D's (all variations)

  • corrected texture error in the tender

  • improved steam production

  • transfer to new provider and product (from old GNFO to MR)

  • added flares to headlights

MR 1852 William Fairbairn & Sons "Baroneza Pack"

  • fixed fuel consumption problem

  • corrected the sound reading

  • improved boiler texture

MR 1911 ALCO Mallet 0-8-8-0 EFCB Pack

  • improved camera inside the cab

  • unit no.70 received automatic couplings

MR 1907 ALCO Mallet 0-6-6-0 EFCB

  • added all units in a single pack

  • improved camera inside the cabin

NOTICE: This is an update, so if you already own any of these products just install the update and you are done. But be careful and watch out for GNFO machines: If you have any GNFO machine, you will install the update; then navigate to the root folders of the GNFO engines and copy or cut the .GEOPCDX files of each one.

For example, if you own the GNFO Henschel & Sohn Tentugal Pack, go to the locomotive folder and get the .GEOPCDX; then navigate to its new destination, now it is located in the MachineRail folder, and put the .GEOPCDX file there.

Old path:

Assets\GNFO\RailSimulatorGF\RailVehicles\Steam\VFFLB 50 Ten Coupled\ABPF\Locomotive

New path:

Assets\MachineRail\1930 Henschel Ten-Coupled\RailVehicles\Steam\Tentugal ABPF\Locomotive

Remember to do the same for any other GNFO machines listed in this update; after this process we recommend that you delete the GNFO engines to avoid them appearing more than once in the TS editor. For those of you that don't own any of these engines yet, they will already be updated to the right path, to the new Machine Rail vendor after their purchase.

The file for this update can be downloaded below:

MR Great Updates - September 2021
Download ZIP • 746.54MB

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