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N.Y.C.&.H.R. Railroad •1893• No.999

In 1893, this locomotive which was built by West Albany Shops for the New York Central & Hudson River Railroad, broke the speed record above 112 miles per hour. We at Machine Rail have agreed to rebuild it in its original form as in 1893, a beautiful and large American 4-4-0 respecting as and every possible detail of this beautiful machine.

At the moment the locomotive has its mesh practically complete, some details can still be added or removed during the mapping process and textures of all its parts. Many of them are bolted, others are riveted, and most of them are cast as a single piece in the lower frame.

This locomotive employs a complex air brake system, it was designed to be fast, and as a fast machine, it would need very efficient brakes. And that's why its designers assigned this machine a set of brakes on the front bogie, common brakes on the driving wheels; and for the wheels of the tender the same system as the front brakes; although this is not very visible, underneath this machine there is a lot of complexity.

The last step of the mesh modeling process was the interior of the cabin and all its controls visible. As mentioned earlier, during the process of mapping these parts, some things may change for improvements that will definitely be present in the final version.

Front view of the no.999 seen from the ground by a normal person. We notice the majesty of this machine, and its height due to the large driving wheels.

For a genuine American high-speed steam locomotive, the no.999 was designed with aerodynamics in mind; and certainly this locomotive in its original condition must have attracted a lot of attention from everyone around it. We hope to make the same impression when you take control of this powerful 4-4-0 in your Train Simulator Classic.

Next steps:

•Review and mapping of all parts

•Creation of all textures for complete locomotive (machine and tender)

•Create all animations for this machine, including external and internal animations

•First look at exporting to TSC and general texture tweaks in the process

•Operational scripting and visible particles, animations, sounds and driving.

After these main processes and features are completed, we will have a first look at No.999 in TSC and we will certainly have another update closer to its release.

Thanks for your attention,


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