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Update with Improvements for No.999

Today, we are very happy to announce a major update to our No.999 machine.

I would like to directly thank all the help and support provided by our friend DSGDDR, who dedicated part of his free time so that our locomotives could be even more pleasant to drive.

Improved and added new dynamic features for the locomotive, which include a new programming developed from scratch of its script and simulation that can be compatible with Train Simulator Classic, thanks to the efforts of DSGDDR. New features include additions and improvements to locomotive sounds, animations, and physics.

Below you will see what's new:

•chimney particles: all smoke particles are now dynamic, idle, exhaust and blower

•sander: fixed external and internal lever animation and particles

•regulator: fixed external and internal lever animation

•reverser: fixed external and internal lever animation

•cylinders cocks: realistic steam distribution according to the gradual use of the regulator

•firebox door: added external animation, fire particles and coal ember

•smokebox sieve: fixed external and internal animation

•sounds: improved chuff and sync sounds and added low and high safety valve sounds

•safety valves: new particles for dynamic operation of steam at low and high pressure

•3D mesh and textures: enhanced specular reflections for better results with RW Enhancer 2

To see some of these improvements in action, watch the video below:

If you already own the 1893 No.999 & Empire State Express Bundle, simply download your update here: DOWNLOAD UPDATE

In case you don't have it yet, the product is also already updated in our store.


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