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UPGRADE for Mastodon's Bundle

Thanks to our friends and customers, we can learn more and improve our products. That's what happened and resulted in a trip to our workshops with the Brooks 4-8-0, and now we're bringing him back with some small improvements but it will make all the difference during your experience.

What Were The Improvements?

During the finalization of this machine, we limited ourselves to a few details that we were sure would sooner or later be resolved. So they were resolved as soon as possible and the release went as we expected. However, little details are always the coolest, so we've added the following improvements:

- For all locos: The headlight brightness has been improved and the colorization adjusted.

- For EFCB unit: Now the auxiliary lights are working.

- For all locos: The whistle sound has been improved. You will now hear a longer "end".

- For all locos: The bell sound has been replaced and synchronized.

- For all locos: The max. speed has been set to 64mp/h. Following factory specifications.

Some people were unsure how to open the smokebox door and sand dome cap. On the locomotive shop page we list information that can be found in a simple .PDF manual that comes with the machine. But let's leave the image here to help you:

If you already own Brooks Mastodon's Bundle 1894, simply download this update below. For those who don't have it yet, she has already received the update in our store.

MR UPGRADE for 1894 Brooks Mastodon's Bundle
Download ZIP • 8.45MB

Thank you!

Machine Rail™

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