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  • !!! WARNING !!!

    Download and install the American Road Vehicles Vol.1 pack for this product to workproperly.

    Approximate Download size: 980mb

    This pack was designed and built exclusively for Train Simulator Classic.​​


    Pay attention to the instruction manual inside the .rwp file before operating this material in your game.


    Approximate Product Download size: 900mb


    In this first package you will find a total of 43 units with variations, with four types of load for most of them between Bi-Level and Tri-Level and 10 different railways. Loads consist of "Empty", "Half Load", "Load" and Fully Loaded".

    Open Side Autoracks Bi-Level & Tri-Level

    $9,17 Regular Price
    $4,58Sale Price
    • •Bi-Levels and Tri-Levels received adaptations in their details according to each railway

      ​•Each variation of the autoraks carries different vehicle models and colors

      ​•Models added between the 1950s and 1990s

      ​•Automatic dynamic numbers 710000-900499

      ​•Custom sounds

      ​•Four skin colors on the autoraks: Yellow-Red-Green-Black

      •Realistic Physics

      •Weight, size, pivots and adhesion adjusted to real values


      You will find further information about this package in the Manual, included in the .RWP file that can be found in the root folder of your game after installing the package.