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Machines Hot Sales September 20th!

On September 20th we celebrated our birthday!

Machine Rail™ was officially born on this date in 2019!

Check out the products with 35% off:

In addition to this special offer, we bring you news of upcoming launches that are currently in constant and delicate development:

4-8-2 "Mountain" • FRISCO T-54 Class

2-8-4 "Berkshire" • Pere Marquette N-1 Class

2-10-0 "Decapod" • Western Maryland I-2 Class

The WM I-2, in particular, is still the same as when we last worked on it in January of this year. Certainly, when we finally turn our efforts to WM I-2 it will receive some significant improvements to its 3D mesh; this should still take a few more months before we finalize FRISCO T-54 and Pere Marquette N-1 since they are commissions and receive priority in this regard.

We have also received some proposals for new commissions, unfortunately at the moment we are closed to new commissions until our queue list, which you can see here, has been completed.

And take advantage of our offer, it only lasts for 1 week!

Well, that's all! We'll be back with more significant updates for you soon.

See you soon,


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