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Now Available: Open Side Autoracks

We are officially back with the launch of the Open Side Autoracks Bi-Level & Tri-Level!

Promo Video

A few days ago we announced the launch of this package, however we made mistakes in some design and production details that are as important as the high quality of the product.

The Main Package Changes

  • All Autoracks textures have been changed from 2K mapping to a single 4K mapping

  • LOD values ​​for all Vehicles spawned in Autoracks have been reviewed and adjusted

  • LOD values ​​are mainly adjusted for the small details of vehicles and autoracks

  • New load variations created: Empty - Half Loaded - Loaded - Fully Loaded

  • Mesh cuts were made on all Autoracks and Vehicles reducing lighting imperfections

  • Now the Tri-Levels have even more variations between them

  • The Bi-Levels also have variations between them, but in smaller quantities (for now)

  • 11 different vehicle models are present in Autoracks in certain load variations

  • More than 40 variations available between Autoracks, the majority of which are Tri-Levels

  • All vehicles can be added to the scenario and each one has more variations

All Open Side Autoracks and their respective versions

Receiving the New Package

If you purchased the previous package, please contact us with your Order ID so we can locate your information and send you the new package.

Machine Rail team highly recommends that you completely uninstall the old version to avoid any type of conflict with the new package, including vehicles.

Available Now:

If you are purchasing the bundle for the first time, please follow the link below to the product page and carefully read all information shown.

This pack requires American Road Vehicles Vol.1 to work properly to avoid issues with missing textures or things like that, so please download it! The link is also on the product page:

We hope everyone enjoys our new release! We rushed to deliver it within the shortest possible time and now everything has worked out. At an opportune moment we would like to have new packages with other models of Open Side Autoracks, perhaps even from other eras...

We would also like to give a very special thank you to everyone who participated directly and indirectly in this project, and all the professional 3D modelers responsible for these beautiful cars, if it weren't for you we wouldn't have such quality in these freight cars; and I don't risk saying the name of each one because it would be unfair to forget someone, but their names are present in the Manual. Thank you very much to all of you.


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The new download is missing all the texture files.

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